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Family bonding in lockdown

l wonder why people keep saying a daughter is a daughter... she helps you when u are ill or need warmth. l myself being a caring daughter thought they were right until l had my sons 😊.

Corona has proved that all children are the same . There is no difference in a daughter and son in terms of love and care. I have been talking to all my friends and got the updates that all the kids, be it grown ups or teenagers, all are helping their Moms and Dads. My own son has been such a great help that l m not overburdened by chores.

So, l would like to suggest all the parents.... don’t burden your children mentally. Just divide the chores and let them do at their own pace. Let them feel at home and enjoy their help. Be appreciative and don’t forget to thank them too 😊❤️.

Thank God for having kids around you. They are sparkle of your eyes. Bless them, hug them and care for them. All children are alike daughter or son. Just love them 😊💕

Stay safe, stay at home!!

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