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Weight Loss with fixed target

Hi There,

I just wanted to tell all those who want to lose weight, that losing weight is really a disciplined task. I have always tried to lose weight and have lost it also. But again back to square one as I could not maintained and after so much control and restrictions I guess it was natural to crave for food and eat without thinking.

To be very honest, COVID has made me realize that health is really wealth. So guys I m back again to weight loss journey and this time with a target of how much to lose and till when. This time it is for the last time I m giving it a try with a target and date restrictions . As its gonna be a special birthday for me, as I will be completing half century on March 2021, I have promised myself to look fit forever.

I have already started with my diet plan and and exercises and already lost some weight too. But this "some" weight is not going to satisfy me as I have to reach my target of 10 kgs :) I thought of writing here so that I keep myself going and by sharing my progress I will stay motivated

Incase any one of you would like to join me can message me and ask for the tips or else wait for my next post.

To keep you guys motivated lemme share that I am losing almost 3 to 400 gms daily.

Apart from losing weight I focus on building my stamina and stay focused on eating healthy. Hope you stay connected and follow me till I reach my destination.

Till then take care, stay healthy, stay happy.

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