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A story of freshness


 Meet neelima  badola

I'm an artist and Entrepreneur. All the products displayed on my site are purely hand made and natural.I believe in changing the whole world into health freaks, so I decided to make all natural skin care products.

My passion for all natural EFFECTIVE  skin care came  from the  many years of  struggle  and since then there was no looking back.My journey started in 2013 .I learnt and researched all these years to give the best to this world,so here I am .....standing with these heavenly creations to help you rejuvenate your skin and let your skin breathe oxygen and stay healthy forever. My specialty  is to customize the products for the treatment.

I am an author of "Home maker to Entrepreneur"which is available on in kindle form and on as paper back copies in which I have given detailed guidance as to how one can start up and become an entrepreneur.

So enjoy my products  and give your skin a healthy life. 

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