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24karat Gold serum

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Solution to all problems 🥰…. GLOW SERUM

Gold has amazing skin benefits. Gold fights off premature aging, as well as lightens our complexion. On the other hand Almond oil and papaya oil is known as one of the best anti aging ingredients. Papaya oil is capable of solving a number of skin problem, including tan. Plus it’s good for evening out skin tone and treating sun damage. It’s a pure blessing for our skin. 24K Gold Serum combines the goodness of papaya oil with gold. Also, it contains pumpkin seed oil,Almond oil and Vitamin E . The fatty acids, zinc and antioxidants that are in PUMPKIN SEED OIL helps to retain moisture and protect your skin against external stressors. The oil has also been proven to help with the factors of ageing and contributes to slowing down the process and firming the skin while also keeping it moisturised.

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